No Voice Too Small

Fourteen Young Americans Making History

Charlesbridge Publishing, fall 2020
Nonfiction picture book for ages 5-9

Co-edited by Lindsay H. Metcalf, Keila V. Dawson, and Jeanette Bradley
Illustrated by Bradley


For fans of…

  • Powerful young people

  • Short biographies you can devour one at a time,
    or all at once

  • Poetry by award-winning and best-selling authors

  • Actionable tips for how to make change yourself

Young people are making change where grown-ups aren’t moving fast enough.

There’s Marley Dias, the teen powerhouse behind #1000BlackGirlBooks who wanted to see herself on her classroom bookshelf and decided to collect a few thousand books for schools, like you do. You’ll read about Noah Barnes, the ten-year-old who wanted a cure for his Type 1 diabetes and walked across the U.S. in search of it. And Mari Copeny, who at age eight lobbied President Obama to demand clean water for her hometown.

Maybe you have time for only one story—perhaps about 9-year-old DJ Annie Red, who rocks the turntables to her rap, “No You Won’t Bully Me.” But there’s a good chance you won’t be able to stop at one when you read the masterful poetry written by these poets: 

S. Bear Bergman
Joseph Bruchac
Nikki Grimes
Hena Khan
Andrea J. Loney
Guadalupe García McCall
Lindsay H. Metcalf
Fiona Morris
G. Neri
Lesléa Newman
Traci Sorell
Charles Waters
Carole Boston Weatherford
Janet Wong

Don’t get too comfortable sitting in the audience.

The mic is hot, and you’re up next.

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