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Photo by Anna Jackson

Photo by Anna Jackson


The formal version

Lindsay H. Metcalf grew up on a Kansas farm, flew the coop for a career in the city, and migrated home to write downwind of the neighborhood cattle. Lindsay has two forthcoming nonfiction picture books. She is the co-editor, along with Keila V. Dawson and Jeanette Bradley, of No Voice Too Small: Fourteen Young Americans Making History (Charlesbridge, 2020), and the author of Tractors on Parade: Planting a Movement, from the Heartland’s Farms to the Nation’s Capital (Calkins Creek, 2020). An experienced journalist, Lindsay has covered a variety of change-makers as a reporter, editor, and columnist for The Kansas City Star and other news outlets. She belongs to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and The Soaring ‘20s, a collective of debut picture-book authors and illustrators. Lindsay won a 2017 Creators of Diverse Characters Scholarship through SCBWI’s Austin chapter and earned a spot in the 2017 class of Writing with the Stars mentees. At home, she plays the ukulele and sings made-up pop-song parodies, embarrassing her husband, two sons, two old cats, and snoring Cavalier King Charles puppy.

Little Lindsay with sunburnt cheeks, a sprinkler, and a dog named Penny.

The personal version

I grew up on a Kansas farm, where I developed a curiosity about nature. I loved to follow my golden retriever to the creek and hunt for tree stumps gnawed by beavers, look for deer tracks, and wonder at the ripples made by pebbles I'd skipped. I also loved to ride the combine with my dad. (Chopping weeds out of the soybean fields? That was another story.)

I wanted to read all the time as a young child, so in order to get the chores done, my parents bought me a lot of books on tape. I can still hear the music for the page turns on Roger Hargreaves' "Little Miss" stories. I memorized and recited nursery rhymes, and I loved to pretend. That may explain why one of the first stories I wrote as a kid featured a smitten, waltzing ostrich.

I rekindled my love of children’s books when I realized that my two rambunctious little boys would sit still for a good story.

That gave me my mission: to tell stories that encourage children to appreciate and care for the world and all its creatures. I write both fiction and nonfiction picture books from my home near the farm where I grew up. 

I don’t write all the time. I also like to: 

  • Play COW with my kids, and often lose. Fact: Even at 5’9”, I am not good at basketball.

  • Snuggle with my snoring Cavalier King Charles pup, Ozzy, and my cats, Gertie and Meeko.

  • Act as sous chef—veggie chopper, sauce taster, ingredient getter, dish washer—to the main chef of the house, my husband.

  • Build things out of wood, such as my youngest son’s lofted fort bed.

  • Sing karaoke.

  • Plant lots of beautiful flowers and shrubs and neglect them by accident. Fact: Growing up on a farm did not give me a green thumb.

  • Help on my parents’ farm by hauling irrigation pipe in the summer or taming barn kitties. Fact: Not everyone would define the latter as “helping.”

  • Watch birds from my porch swing.

  • Connect with others who love to read and write.


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